What I believe

I believe in God, my Father, my Almighty, the Ancient of Days. I believe in Genesis 1:1. I believe that everything is possible with Him through Him. I believe He has marked me as His. I believe that all my sins melted off with the grace of forgiveness when I was baptized as an adult. I believe my life began anew that day as the sins of my past were washed away.

I believe in Jesus Christ the only son of the Father. I believe Jesus left the majesty and glory of Heaven to suffer the indignity of humanness. I believe Jesus suffered for my sins and through his death I am forgiven. I believe that Jesus conquered death and evil by rising from the dead. I believe the Shroud of Turin is real.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, my guide, God who dwells within me, who gives me strength and now leads and teaches me.

I believe in forgiveness of sins, that all life is precious regardless of quality, intellect, age or wholeness. I believe that everyone and everything has a divine purpose, I believe in the sanctity of life at any age. I believe that God condemns those who take advantage of the poor. I believe that I cannot divorce my religion from my relationships. I believe true religion should result in righteous acts. I believe that God requires not only personal righteousness but also social responsibility. I believe in anonymous acts.

I believe that the Bible is true and God breathed, II Timothy 3:16. I believe that God will come again to judge all mankind. I believe in salvation, forgiveness of sins and life ever lasting.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Do you do this?

How do you remember loved ones that have died? I am not sure when it started but for at least 5 years now, I have a memorial candle burning in my house on the day significant people in my life passed away. I leave this candle burning for 24 hours, (yes I put it somewhere safe during the night, so the boys don't knock it over). To many I suppose it sounds morbid or strange but for me, it is a tangible and prayerful reminder of that person. Today is for my father who died February 7, 2003, just 27 days after my husband. Because so much happened at that time I find this ritual comforting. It also reminds me of the beautiful stand of red votive candles twinkling in the sanctuary of the Catholic Church I grew up in.

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