What I believe

I believe in God, my Father, my Almighty, the Ancient of Days. I believe in Genesis 1:1. I believe that everything is possible with Him through Him. I believe He has marked me as His. I believe that all my sins melted off with the grace of forgiveness when I was baptized as an adult. I believe my life began anew that day as the sins of my past were washed away.

I believe in Jesus Christ the only son of the Father. I believe Jesus left the majesty and glory of Heaven to suffer the indignity of humanness. I believe Jesus suffered for my sins and through his death I am forgiven. I believe that Jesus conquered death and evil by rising from the dead. I believe the Shroud of Turin is real.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, my guide, God who dwells within me, who gives me strength and now leads and teaches me.

I believe in forgiveness of sins, that all life is precious regardless of quality, intellect, age or wholeness. I believe that everyone and everything has a divine purpose, I believe in the sanctity of life at any age. I believe that God condemns those who take advantage of the poor. I believe that I cannot divorce my religion from my relationships. I believe true religion should result in righteous acts. I believe that God requires not only personal righteousness but also social responsibility. I believe in anonymous acts.

I believe that the Bible is true and God breathed, II Timothy 3:16. I believe that God will come again to judge all mankind. I believe in salvation, forgiveness of sins and life ever lasting.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Decisions Decisions

How do you make decisions? I mean big decisions, not the decision to buy or not buy the shoes in every color - no decision there!!

R and I are contemplating a major decision and I am between the proverbial rock and a hard place. There are wonderful pros on both sides, there is one glaring negative on each side. Does that make sense?

No I know not making sense, so let's start over. Both of my daughters live in North Carolina, R and I live in KY. While we have my sister and brother and their families, our church families live in the same city, they're not my girls. We're very close to our church friends they are more like family than friends. Both R and I have individual Bible Studies that we love and look forward too along with a couples Study with dear dear friends.

So what is the decision? I would like to be closer to my girls and their husbands, to be close enough for weekly dinners, to help when needed. To one day be a grandparent. Lately it has been my dream to be the kind of gram that is involved in the child's life and help when we can.

Also, now that my health has dramatically improved I have been yearning for a small yard. A chance to play in the dirt, plant pansies in the fall and watch their happy faces.

That means selling the condo in KY and buying something in NC.
There are lots of what ifs
what if daughters move for employment reasons at some point in the future and we won't be close; do we move again? Is this a wrong reason to move in the first place?
what if we can't find the Church family we feel good to be in
what if we can't get the price for the condo due to this current market
Am I over thinking this?

what if what if what if

What to do? We have been praying for God to guide us, to show us what He wants. God leads us where He wants us to be. We just need to be quiet and listen.

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  1. Hello Christy,

    So nice to meet you and come by your place to visit. Your decision sure is a hard one. Living near children and grandchildren is a wonderful thing but leaving is hard too. I am sure God will help you in your decision.

    Kindly, Lorraine