What I believe

I believe in God, my Father, my Almighty, the Ancient of Days. I believe in Genesis 1:1. I believe that everything is possible with Him through Him. I believe He has marked me as His. I believe that all my sins melted off with the grace of forgiveness when I was baptized as an adult. I believe my life began anew that day as the sins of my past were washed away.

I believe in Jesus Christ the only son of the Father. I believe Jesus left the majesty and glory of Heaven to suffer the indignity of humanness. I believe Jesus suffered for my sins and through his death I am forgiven. I believe that Jesus conquered death and evil by rising from the dead. I believe the Shroud of Turin is real.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, my guide, God who dwells within me, who gives me strength and now leads and teaches me.

I believe in forgiveness of sins, that all life is precious regardless of quality, intellect, age or wholeness. I believe that everyone and everything has a divine purpose, I believe in the sanctity of life at any age. I believe that God condemns those who take advantage of the poor. I believe that I cannot divorce my religion from my relationships. I believe true religion should result in righteous acts. I believe that God requires not only personal righteousness but also social responsibility. I believe in anonymous acts.

I believe that the Bible is true and God breathed, II Timothy 3:16. I believe that God will come again to judge all mankind. I believe in salvation, forgiveness of sins and life ever lasting.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Do You Have a Friend You Have Never Met?

It is a strange feeling having a friend I have never met,  but that is just the way I feel.  Edie of Life {in} Grace has been constantly  on my mind since I first read about her family surviving a tragic house fire over a week ago. All the blogs that I have read have a common thread,  the same sentiment  of "I can't believe it"  or "I don't know what I would do in her predicament".

A fire that destroys her family'  home and belongings and what we read first is that she is thankful her husband, children and pets escape. Would that be my first thought, my first reaction?  Where does such strength come from?  I know with a certainty that it comes from our Father God.  He gives us all an inner strength to endure or overcome what seems like insurmountable trials. The key is to rely on Him to seek Him out in these times and relinquish our need to control.  We should all be like Daniel, turning to God in prayer throughout the day in every situation believing that He will see us through our personal firey furnaces.  

I believe we all have trials in our life, not as a test so much but as a chance to grow both spiritually and intellectually. Sometimes we may feel like Job and wonder why is God doing this to me?  But if God could give His only son to us so that we might live; can we not withstand Earthly tragedy?

That is the strength that I see in Edie, a friend I have never met. I see a faith in her Savior that will sustain her. I see a mother gathering her children to her rejoicing in their rescue.  I see a woman who is loved and cherished by family, loved by a community of friends both neighbors and blogging buddies.
Edie and her family will survive this and like the mythical Phoenix they will rise from the ashes renewed, encouraged and with a stronger faith in our Redeemer and perspective on life and material things that we could all learn from.   

Edie, my friend I pray that your strength will be renewed each morning and that your faith continues to sustain you in this dark time.

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