What I believe

I believe in God, my Father, my Almighty, the Ancient of Days. I believe in Genesis 1:1. I believe that everything is possible with Him through Him. I believe He has marked me as His. I believe that all my sins melted off with the grace of forgiveness when I was baptized as an adult. I believe my life began anew that day as the sins of my past were washed away.

I believe in Jesus Christ the only son of the Father. I believe Jesus left the majesty and glory of Heaven to suffer the indignity of humanness. I believe Jesus suffered for my sins and through his death I am forgiven. I believe that Jesus conquered death and evil by rising from the dead. I believe the Shroud of Turin is real.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, my guide, God who dwells within me, who gives me strength and now leads and teaches me.

I believe in forgiveness of sins, that all life is precious regardless of quality, intellect, age or wholeness. I believe that everyone and everything has a divine purpose, I believe in the sanctity of life at any age. I believe that God condemns those who take advantage of the poor. I believe that I cannot divorce my religion from my relationships. I believe true religion should result in righteous acts. I believe that God requires not only personal righteousness but also social responsibility. I believe in anonymous acts.

I believe that the Bible is true and God breathed, II Timothy 3:16. I believe that God will come again to judge all mankind. I believe in salvation, forgiveness of sins and life ever lasting.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Passover Dinner

As a Christian I find it interesting that I love planning and executing my Passover / Seder dinner. Last year R and I have 23 guests for dinner, that means two dinning rooms tables set together in the great room. Since I had enough china and sterling the only thing missing was the glassware for wine, water, tea etc. That accounts for at least 4 glasses per person hmmm 4 multiplied by 23 is 92, do you have enough stemware for 92 friends? I'm sorry I don't. What is a girl to do? Why set the table with Spode Blue Italian, Towle Chippendale silver and the Dollar tree glassware. Honestly, if anyone noticed they didn't say a word. My philosophy is if you mix and match with the good stuff i/e/ Spode then no one will notice the cheap stuff. LOL Or so I tell myself.

So all that said, to say I have sent the invitations for my friends to save the date for this years Passover. Yes I a Christian, however, I firmly believe that All Christians should be celebrating a Passover dinner, think about it, Christ died after he celebrated Passover. Shouldn't this be part of our tradition?

I love this time, probably as much as I love Christmas. I look forward to the event; the friends, the meal; the planning, and the significance of the time and the meal. I love the prayers throughout the meal, the commemoration of the original Passover. Why don't Christians celebrate this event. Why are we ignorant of this event?

In the coming weeks I will share the planning and preparation of this meal/celebration along with pictures to show wonderful china and silver and Shabby chic glassware.

Think about having your own Passover /Seder dinner. Friends will love you for it and all information can be found on the net.

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